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Chest blaster with Centerline Resistance Bands and Stall Bars

Tri-Set of exercises using the MoveStrong Centerline Resistance Bands and Stall Bars. 

- Centerline Band Chest Press 10 reps split stance each leg
- Elevated feet Stall Bars incline push-up 10 reps
- Centerline Band Alternate Band Press 10 reps split stance each leg

Perform each exercise back-to-back without rest. After all 3 exercises rest 60-90 seconds and repeat the tri-set 2-3x. A great chest, shoulder, tricep, and core engagement workout to start or use as a upper body finisher in your workout.

Functional Strength Circuit Power and Strength Posterior Chain

Functional strength training trio of exercises to perform in a circuit style workout to develop strength and power in the posterior chain of the body. Emphasis on hip and hamstrings.

1- Ground-to-Overhead using Ground Rotational Trainer with GRT Handle

2- Nordic Ham Curls, perform on stall bars, lower slow as possible and press up back to start

3- Lying Elevate Trainer Ham Curls Perform 8-12 reps each with 30-60sec rest between exercises.

Elevate Trainer exercise for lateral flexibility and core strength

Lateral Flexion for core and stability training performed with the MoveStrong Elevate Trainer. Exercises performed with the Elevate Trainer allows user foot placement to vary the difficulty of the suspension exercises by simply adjusting body angle. The Elevate Belts provide support at waist and hips. The MoveStrong Stall bars add even more progressions to the exercise as you move your feet from the floor to the rungs of the stall bars. The higher feet placed on Stall bars the more difficult the exercise. Watch video below for more details on performing this exercise.

See more instructional videos for the Elevate Trainer and Stall bars in our MoveStrong Video Library.

Stall bars for handstand work

The MoveStrong Stall bars are a great tools for working on your handstands. Use the varied height rungs to position your feet on top as you assist yourself in holding the handstand. Place feet low for starting your handstand then as you increase strength and confidence you can place feet higher on the rungs. 

Using stall bars rungs to place feet at varied heights to support while maintaining and finding balance during handstand exercises

Using stall bars rungs to place feet at varied heights to support while maintaining and finding balance during handstand exercises

For more advance bodyweight and calisthenics progressions, use the stall bars to assist in holding a one arm handstand balance exercise. Only try after mastering a free-standing handstand and have the physical strength to support your entire bodyweight on one arm!

One arm handstand is very challenging and using the stall bars can help you find balance 

One arm handstand is very challenging and using the stall bars can help you find balance 

Stall Bar Stretches

Have you ever thought about using stall bars for stretching? Check out the MoveStrong Stall Bars in MoveStrong Blue steel! Our Stall Bars are 48" wide for optimal exercise space, perfect for stretches and mobility!

Try the above stretches to increase your flexibility and mobility. Use the varied height rungs of the stall bars to better leverage hand and foot placement, for a longer, comfortable stretch.

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Stall Bar Hip Extension

Start with your feet on the floor. Activate your glutes and hamstrings to extend your hips until you are straight up and down. Alternate bending each leg one at a time to challenge your core and stability. It is harder than it looks! This exercise strengthens your hips, arms, hamstrings, and trunk using bodyweight exercises to strengthen muscles with dynamic movements and isometric contractions. 

Stall Bar Lunges Total Body Exercise

Fire up your glutes, hamstrings, and quads on the MoveStrong Stall Bars!

Perform total body lunges with back leg reach in 3 planes of motion. Not only will you feel it in your legs, but you also engage the lats, shoulders, and arms by extending arms and reaching towards your back leg in multiple planes.

Give it a try! We promise you will feel it!

Bodyweight Dragon Flag Progression on Stall Bars

Want abs like Bruce Lee? Watch Jared demonstrate Lee's famous Dragon Flag core exercise using the MoveStrong Stall Bars.  Start by hands grasping and bracing forearms against rungs that allow for a straight arm position, contract lats, and tighten core as you raise lower body.  Begin with the first progression and only proceed to the next based on your ability to maintain strict form for multiple reps in a slow controlled manner. Top position of each should finish on upper back and shoulders, NOT head or neck causing strain. Dragon Flags work all the core stabilizers and because it requires a controlled movement, it builds strength more quickly than isolated core exercises.