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Med Ball Toss Variations on the NOVA™ FTS

Build explosive power, core strength, and work rotational movements with medicine balls throws. 

The MoveStrong NOVA FTS offers a solid steel kickplate feature to withstand medicine balls throws and toss exercises. It is also great for various bodyweight exercises and handstand work to avoid damage to walls. 

In this video, Jared demonstrates various medicine ball tosses using a 20lb medicine ball. Remember, this is an aggressive, yet controlled exercise. Make sure to pick weight that is light enough to be controlled, but heavy enough to challenge you! Happy wall balling!

Climber Bar Plyo Pull-ups on the T-Rex Outdoor FTS

Build serious upper body strength with plyo pull-ups!

The MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station offers a 4-tiered Climber bar option to do pull-ups, climbing, hanging, and bounding between heights. This feature is also available on our indoor FTS models as well. Some very challenging upper body strength exercises to try!

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Stall Bar Hip Extension

Start with your feet on the floor. Activate your glutes and hamstrings to extend your hips until you are straight up and down. Alternate bending each leg one at a time to challenge your core and stability. It is harder than it looks! This exercise strengthens your hips, arms, hamstrings, and trunk using bodyweight exercises to strengthen muscles with dynamic movements and isometric contractions. 

Bodyweight Dragon Flag Progression on Stall Bars

Want abs like Bruce Lee? Watch Jared demonstrate Lee's famous Dragon Flag core exercise using the MoveStrong Stall Bars.  Start by hands grasping and bracing forearms against rungs that allow for a straight arm position, contract lats, and tighten core as you raise lower body.  Begin with the first progression and only proceed to the next based on your ability to maintain strict form for multiple reps in a slow controlled manner. Top position of each should finish on upper back and shoulders, NOT head or neck causing strain. Dragon Flags work all the core stabilizers and because it requires a controlled movement, it builds strength more quickly than isolated core exercises.