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Power and Strength Garage Workout With DynaBell and DSL Bar combo

More split stance functional strength development and power with the MoveStrong DSL bar and DynaBell!👌

Split stance deadlift, w/rear leg straight, paired with split stance DynaBell over-shoulder-throws.👍 Slow an controlled movement with the split stance deadlifts to focus on that that glute and hamstring, while lengthening that hip flexor of the back leg. Immediate followed by same leg forward split stance grasping DynaBell handles while forcefully, with control, lift and swing DynaBell upwards and across body over to opposite shoulder. Shown here using the 50lb DynaBell really puts some emphasis of stability as you move the weight diagonally to challenge core strength and getting some rotational power work.👍💪😅

Garage Circuit Workout With The DynaBell- Snatch-RDLs-Swings

Short functional training strength circuit using the MoveStrong DynaBell for with Snatches, Single leg RDL to press, and hand-to-hand swings!

This functional training dumbbell offers multi-grip positions with rotating handles making it ideal for multi-directional movements. And combine countles exercise options as seen with dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebell, and ab wheels, all in one fitness tool!

Learn more about the DynaBell

Backyard Circuit Workout With MoveStrong Tools

A circuit of bodyweight and functional fitness exercises with MoveStrong equipment. Just a sample of the many exercises and versatility with the MoveStrong outdoor T-Rex Functional Training Station, DynaBell, Farmer Carry Logs, Climbing Rope, and Heavy Bag. Making it great for smaller spaces and less equipment needs for fitness studios and home gyms.

Learn more about MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment for outdoors at

Pro Gym Functional Fitness Obstacle Course Challenge

A run through of the Obstcale Course Challenge held at Pro Gym Montréal! Held during the launch event for the Evolution Functional Training Zone featuring MoveStrong products! 

Wanna create your own obstcale course style training area in your club!? Indoors or outdoors we got ya covered! Contact us to discuss space, layout, and equipment needs to accomidate this type of training offering and several other functional fitness programs for your clients to keep it challenging and fresh!

Shown in this video is the MoveStrong Nova XL Functional Training Station and DynaBell as part of the course.

Functional Strength Exercises For Posterior Chain

A posterior chain tri-set of exercises to focus on the glutes, hips, and hamstrings using MoveStrong functional training equipment. 

The DSL Bar allows for split stance exercises while stabilizing weight at sides with a neutral grip.  

- Split Stance DSL Bar Deadlifts - With a split stance maintain a straight rear leg as you lean, lunge, and bend forward with a flat back to lift bar. Using weight of lead leg and hips to slowly with control lift the bar and return back to upright position. Back leg remains in split stance stationary with rear foot flat as you repeat for desired reps.

 The DynaBell functional training dumbbell is ideal for snatch exercises with its rotating handles.

- DynaBell Snatches - Stand over Dynabell with less than shoulder width stance and to avoid DynaBell handles contact with knees as you lift the weight. Grasp center handle and lift with  straight arm, maintaining a flat back, and by generating power in hips to raise DynaBell and fully extend body in upright position. Once fully extended allow DyanBell to travel upwards, keeping it close to your body, in a straight line, and in one fluid motion, catch DynaBell with straight arm overhead. Lower back to start with control and repeat with opposite arm.

The Elevate Trainer has oversized foot cradles for various foot and leg positions in performing suspension exercises.

Elevate Trainer Supine Bridge and Leg Curl - Lying in a supine position place heels into foot cradles of Elevate Trainer. Raise hips so that only upper back is in contact with ground. Bridge hips upwards then curl feet under hips while pushing   heels into straps. Return to start with control while maintaining hips off ground and the repeat for desired reps. Arms may be places out to sides to help stabilize yourself during the exercise.

Perform all three exercises in a circuit fashion for 3-4 rounds. Rest as needed between exercises and rounds based goals for strength and conditioning desired results.


Single Leg Squat with Elevate Trainer

Single leg squat is an awesome exercise to build the lower body and glutes while improving functional strength with this unilateral movement that will improve balance and stability as well.

Place rear leg over one suspended Elevate Belt. Place foot on belt for more difficulty or place belt higher up towards knee for more comfort, assistance to offload, and help stabilize during exercise.

Maintain erect torso, bend front leg and drop slowly to a comfortable depth, pause, return up to start. Allow Elevate Belt to move slightly forward and backwards during exercise to maintain comfortable movement and balance.

To add more challenge to this exercise, hold a DynaBell at chest level using the end blue handles during the movement for added resistance.

DynaBell 3D Strength training - over shoulder throw exercise progressions

Working on over-shoulder throws with the MoveStrong Dynabell. Here are some progressions to start from kneeling, to squatting, to lunging, all while rotating and working in a transverse plane to build functional strength with a  2-handed over the shoulder throwing motion. Great total body exercises with emphasis on shoulders, core, and arms.

Learn more and shop the DynaBell at

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DynaBell Spiderman Push-up

Lets step it up a little on our push up game! Try Spiderman pushups using the MoveStrong DynaBell. Assume the pushup position. As you lower your body toward the floor, lift your right foot off the floor, swing your right leg out sideways, and try to touch your knee to your elbow. Reverse the movement, then push your body back to the starting position. Repeat, but on your next repetition, touch your left knee to your left elbow. Continue to alternate back and forth. #MoveoftheDay

Plank Roll Outs with the DynaBell

Check out Ronnie at IDEA World 2014 using the MoveStrong DynaBell™. 

The DynaBell can be used to perform countless exercises that engage the entire body, rather than strictly isolating one muscle group. Ronnie demonstrates just one of many DynaBell exercises in the video below. Watch him as he shows us how to do plank roll outs for core strength using the DynaBell.