MoveStrong Centerline Resistance Bands

MoveStrong Centerline Resistance Bands

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Dual anchored resistance using the MoveStrong Centerline bands!

Perform functional strength, rehab, corrective, core, and conditioning exercises with resistance bands that allow the path of resistance to generate from one or TWO anchor points! Designed to work specifically with the patented MoveStrong G-Loop anchors used on the MoveStrong Nova FTS and Stall Bars, the Centerline bands work great anywhere you have a secure anchor point for attaching the end nylon webbing strap with a carabineer or other secure method for anchoring. Use our patent pending design Centerline Handle for attaching Centerline bands to each end for a dual anchored resistance generated from different anchors points. Use the Centerline Dual handle for two-handed grip exercises also. Interchange the handles and various attachments using the Centerline bands included carbineer.

Key Features:


  • Sleeve covered resistance tube for reduced wear and safety

  • Nylon loop end for easy placement on MoveStrong G-Loops or using your own carabineer

  • One carabineer included for attaching handle

  • Centerline dual handle offers O-ring ends for attaching bands and allows for unrestricted movement

  • Standard and Dual Centerline handle available

  • Three different resistance levels. Attach more than one band to handles for added resistance

  • Utilize with Elevate Bar and Belts as attachements

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