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10 Balance Beam Stability and Strength Exercises

Here are 10 different balance beam exercises performing on the MoveStrong Zig-Zag Balance Beam. Challenging your stability and strength with emphasis on balance as you work your way forwards and backwards performing these movements on the beam. Give them a try individually or as a full circuit workout without rest on the beam! Wanna ramp it up even more! Try grabbing a Dumbell or kettlebell while performing some of these movements for even more challenge!

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Garage DynaBell Functional Strength Circuit Workout2

Functional training strength circuit using the DynaBell with Squat-to-Overhead press, Swings, Windmills, Row, Press, Shovel Lunge!

This functional training dumbbell offers multi-grip positions with rotating handles making it ideal for multi-directional movements. And combine countles exercise options as seen with dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebell, and ab wheels, all in one fitness tool!

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NEWLY Improved MoveStrong Video Library with more content!

We recently completed a new design and layout for our MoveStrong video library to help give the best tools and support for our customers utilizing our products! Access to eighteen different MoveStrong video categories and over 400 videos! Get 100's of exercises with MoveStrong products, tips, workout ideas, product features, and more just for our customers to get the most out of MoveStrong for themselves and promoting with clients. Access is free for customers or purchase a 60-day membership for non-customers. Contact us for customer access or more information.




Stall Bar Lunges Total Body Exercise

Fire up your glutes, hamstrings, and quads on the MoveStrong Stall Bars!

Perform total body lunges with back leg reach in 3 planes of motion. Not only will you feel it in your legs, but you also engage the lats, shoulders, and arms by extending arms and reaching towards your back leg in multiple planes.

Give it a try! We promise you will feel it!