Functional Storage Solutions

Our Elite Storage Rack Systems

Functional Storage. Functional Training. One Solution.

Integrated functional training features available in a rack? We've made our newest Elite Rack both a ”functional” storage and training solution. Maximize floor space with the best in storage solutions and training features into one system!

With more and more fitness tools needed to accommodate the latest for clients and offer group functional fitness, the need for ideal solutions in storing medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, bands, stability balls, bumper plates, etc. becomes a helper to keep the floor clean and organized.   MoveStrong combined their functional training tools and features from the FTS models into these new storage solutions. Now you can use your storage racks with dedicated anchor points for suspended trainers, training ropes, resistance bands, bodyweight exercise, GRTs (Ground Rotational Trainers), and more for an all-in-one system emphasizing storage needs and  offering training solutions for exercising

Elite Storage - F4

Elite Storage-F4 features:

  • Perfect for saving floor space with placement flush along a wall

  • Wedge foot for floor anchoring and stability

  • Customize with different storage trays, training features, accessory anchors, and storage pegs

  • Top extended Pull-up bar with dedicated eye-loop anchors for Suspension Trainers

  • Choose from five pull-up bar options

  • Modular design to connect together for multiple bays

Elite Storage-6

Elite Storage-6 features:

  • Large 6’ width for more storage

  • Single or modular design to be connected together to extend length

  • Connecting Pull-up bars and Tall uprights can be added for suspended trainers, bodyweight exercise, and anchor points for other fitness accessories such as Elevate Trainers, resistance bands, and more

  • Choose from five different Pull-up bar connectors, 6’ wide dual height bars, 4’ dual height pull-up bars, 4-tiered Climber bar, Conner Wall Dual Height Bar, and Extension Pull-up bars.

  • T6 design allows for top mount pull-up bar and storage access from both sides of rack

ALL ELITE STORAGE KEY Features & Options:


  • Customize with different storage trays, top mount pull-up bar options, training features, accessory anchors, and storage pegs

  • Choose 3-5 storage trays from the following options: Flat tray, Medicine ball tray, and Stability Ball tray(for 6 serious only)

  • Bolt-in design for extra stability, space trays apart as needed, choose style to fit accessories, and interchange later if desired

  • Outside uprights holds storage pegs, weight plate horns, or the patented G-Loop anchors for quick attachment of resistance bands or accessories without the need for carabineers or cinching

  • Storage rack has four bolt-on options at the base. Choose from Olympic bar holder, GRT (ground rotational trainer) with bar storage, or two styles of Vertical Rope Anchor

  • Dual powder coat color scheme. Standard color - Flat Black, MoveStrong Blue, and Silvervien. Custom colors are available



Configurations Customized To Your Needs


  • A free standing Olympic bumper plate storage rack with training feature options!

  • 6 zinc plated storage horns spaced to hold standard size bumper plates

  • 4 options at feet for either Olympic bar holder, GRT, or Training Rope anchor

  • Two tone color scheme to add a unique look

Elite Bumper Plate Storage Rack- Free Statnding  - customize with choice of training features at the base with Olympic bar holders, GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer), or Rope Anchor.

Elite Bumper Plate Storage Rack- Free Statnding - customize with choice of training features at the base with Olympic bar holders, GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer), or Rope Anchor.


Other Storage Options