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Power and Strength Garage Workout With DynaBell and DSL Bar combo

More split stance functional strength development and power with the MoveStrong DSL bar and DynaBell!👌

Split stance deadlift, w/rear leg straight, paired with split stance DynaBell over-shoulder-throws.👍 Slow an controlled movement with the split stance deadlifts to focus on that that glute and hamstring, while lengthening that hip flexor of the back leg. Immediate followed by same leg forward split stance grasping DynaBell handles while forcefully, with control, lift and swing DynaBell upwards and across body over to opposite shoulder. Shown here using the 50lb DynaBell really puts some emphasis of stability as you move the weight diagonally to challenge core strength and getting some rotational power work.👍💪😅

MMA Strength And Conditioning With Zercher Squats and Carries Using DSL Bar

Combat athlete getting put through a strength and conditioning session at Bulldog Strength & Conditioning Freehold, NJ.

Using the MoveStrong DSL Bar for a complex of Zercher Squats and Zercher Carries. The special patented design open back functional training trap bar allows for countless exercise options. The open back and round tube design allows for comfort to perform Zercher carry and squats as shown in the video along with many single leg squat and deadlift variations without the interference of a closed back trap bar.

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Functional Trap Bar Strength Workout With Single Leg Exercises

Here is a complex of functional strength training exercises using the MoveStrong DSL Bar. The open back trap bar patent pending design makes it ideal for performing more single leg exercises while stabilizing weight at your sides with a neutral grip position.

Split leg deadlifts w/straight back leg, Single Leg Deadlift, Lunge, Reverse Lunge, Drop Lunge, Bent row, and RDLs are shown.

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Single Leg Squat with rear foot elevated

A great unilateral variation of the squat. Great for developing leg strength and power without the load on your back as in a traditional squat. Holding weight at your sides makes it easier and safer to maintain an erect torso as you single leg squat to a comfortable depth before returning to the top position. Performing with the Movestrong DSL bar helps stabilize the weight at your sides to maintain balance on a single leg. The open back design of the DSL bar makes it ideal for single leg squatting and lunging to balance a heavier load, if desired, than typically used with dumbbells or a barbell on your shoulders.