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MMA Strength And Conditioning With Zercher Squats and Carries Using DSL Bar

Combat athlete getting put through a strength and conditioning session at Bulldog Strength & Conditioning Freehold, NJ.

Using the MoveStrong DSL Bar for a complex of Zercher Squats and Zercher Carries. The special patented design open back functional training trap bar allows for countless exercise options. The open back and round tube design allows for comfort to perform Zercher carry and squats as shown in the video along with many single leg squat and deadlift variations without the interference of a closed back trap bar.

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Rhino Bag Power and Strength exercises

Use the Rhino Bag to perform powerful and explosive movements like Power Flips and Throws. Use the over sized odd-shaped object for lifts, off balance carries, and lateral flips to build strength that challenges the body in all directions and planes of motion as you fight to stabilize the odd-object with or without use of the grab handles.

Watch the video below for sample of these exercises. Learn more and order online in our Movestrong online shop


A few strength and conditioning exercises that can be performed with the MoveStrong Rhino bag. Loaded carries, power flips, over shoulder throws, and lateral flips are shown in this clip. Just a few exercises that can be performed with this odd object functional strength training tool.

Climber Bar Plyo Pull-ups on the T-Rex Outdoor FTS

Build serious upper body strength with plyo pull-ups!

The MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station offers a 4-tiered Climber bar option to do pull-ups, climbing, hanging, and bounding between heights. This feature is also available on our indoor FTS models as well. Some very challenging upper body strength exercises to try!

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Plank Roll Outs with the DynaBell

Check out Ronnie at IDEA World 2014 using the MoveStrong DynaBell™. 

The DynaBell can be used to perform countless exercises that engage the entire body, rather than strictly isolating one muscle group. Ronnie demonstrates just one of many DynaBell exercises in the video below. Watch him as he shows us how to do plank roll outs for core strength using the DynaBell.