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Bodyweight Upperbody Strength and Core Exercises
Using the MoveStrong M3 Bars for some upper body static holds with bent knee variations. The alternate toe tap to straight leg is a great regression to performing the L-Sit hold and great exercise to train for upper body and core strength!

The MoveStrong M3 Bars are a great functional fitness training tool to add to your arsenal. Ideal for bodyweight exercises including a variety of push-up variations, static holds, handstands and hand balancing exercises including yoga poses.

Visit our MoveStrong video library for many more exercises and tips for the M3 Bars

Climber Bar Plyo Pull-ups on the T-Rex Outdoor FTS

Build serious upper body strength with plyo pull-ups!

The MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station offers a 4-tiered Climber bar option to do pull-ups, climbing, hanging, and bounding between heights. This feature is also available on our indoor FTS models as well. Some very challenging upper body strength exercises to try!

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