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10 Balance Beam Stability and Strength Exercises

Here are 10 different balance beam exercises performing on the MoveStrong Zig-Zag Balance Beam. Challenging your stability and strength with emphasis on balance as you work your way forwards and backwards performing these movements on the beam. Give them a try individually or as a full circuit workout without rest on the beam! Wanna ramp it up even more! Try grabbing a Dumbell or kettlebell while performing some of these movements for even more challenge!

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Reach Backs With Climbing Rope- MoveStrong Video Library

NEW Exercises are being added to our Customer Video Library!

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This video shows some scaled variations of exercises using the MoveStrong Climbing Ropes. Can be performed on MoveStrong outdoor or indoor equipment that holds a climbing rope. The Grip knots offered on the MoveStrong climbing ropes are great for scaling these exercises even more for those working to improve grip strength.

Outdoor Obstacle Course Challenge on MoveStrong FitGround

A obstacle course challenge was set up using the MoveStrong T-Rex FTS and FitGround stations. Outdoor obstacle course and functional fitness workout was created to test strength, ability, and stamina to make it through each obstacle and exercise. A great way to incorporate OCR style workouts and push yourself through with a time challenge against others!

Course Challenge stations include:

  • Plyo Box jumps
  • Spiderman Push-ups 
  • Monkey Bars
  • Battle Rope Power Slams
  • Parallel Bar Walks
  • Parallel Bar Crawls
  • Agility Post Hop Overs
  • Sprint to finish



MoveStrong Drive Sled Exercises

Use the MoveStrong Drive Sled for workouts to develop full body power by pushing and pulling high and low, forwards and backwards, fast and slow, to add variety and make a sled workout more challenging. Improve conditioning with these exercises performed in a non-stop, interval circuit fashion.

The MoveStrong Drive Sled is built for indoor and outdoor use and has a variety of handle for varied grip positions to perform many different exercises. Watch Jared demonstrate in the video above!

Climber Bar Plyo Pull-ups on the T-Rex Outdoor FTS

Build serious upper body strength with plyo pull-ups!

The MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station offers a 4-tiered Climber bar option to do pull-ups, climbing, hanging, and bounding between heights. This feature is also available on our indoor FTS models as well. Some very challenging upper body strength exercises to try!

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Climbing Rope Bounding on Outdoor Fitness Station

This video shows bounding with a climbing rope on the Kickplate feature of the MoveStrong T-Rex outdoor fitness station. 

Leg power to explode off the kickplate along with core and grip strength to keep your feet up while repeating for reps! A fun way to build functional strength!

The Kickplate is ideal for bodyweight exercises, bounding, stretching, handstands, and medicine ball tosses against a solid plate to withstand abuse and outdoor weather conditions.

Learn more about the customizable T-Rex outdoor functional fitness station.

Rope Pulls on the T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station

Add variety to your workout with battle rope pulls for some great overall functional strength and conditioning. Pull at various speeds from high, low, and across the body to engage every muscle!

The T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station offers this Loop Post option that provides an anchor point for training ropes, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories.