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Rope Pull Variations for Functional Strength Training and Conditioning

MoveStrong's wall mount training Rope Ladder is great for various functional fitness and strength training exercises. The Rope Ladder is also an available training feature for the Nova FTS models. Great grip, core, back, and arm strength training along with conditioning work using battle ropes of different sizes. 

Use with a parter to alternate back and forth with rope pull variations like these shown:

  • Low pull
  • Lateral side pull
  • Side pull high to low
  • Side Pull low to high

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Rope Pulls on the T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station

Add variety to your workout with battle rope pulls for some great overall functional strength and conditioning. Pull at various speeds from high, low, and across the body to engage every muscle!

The T-Rex Outdoor Fitness Station offers this Loop Post option that provides an anchor point for training ropes, resistance bands, and other fitness accessories.