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Band Run-out variations for Speed, Power, and Conditioning

Want to increase your speed? Get more power in your lifts, out on the field, the pavement ... or wherever it is you “MoveStrong” by adding in conditioning work with band resisted run-outs. Here are some ideas on drills for speed , power , agility, and most definitely some conditioning fun! T

The MoveStrong Wall Training Post shown are great space efficient functional training tool to anchor many accessories like the bungie cords shown in first video.

Other functional training features as part of these MoveStrong Wall Training Post include the Ground Rotational Trainer (GRT, a.k.a landmine) located at the base of the Post used with an Olympic bar.

U-Loop anchors are standard on the Training Post for anchoring resistance bands on the Wall Training Post

Other options like the Adjustable Dip also available to customize this functional training wall post.

See images below for more training options on the MoveStrong Wall Training Post

Rope Pull Variations for Functional Strength Training and Conditioning

MoveStrong's wall mount training Rope Ladder is great for various functional fitness and strength training exercises. The Rope Ladder is also an available training feature for the Nova FTS models. Great grip, core, back, and arm strength training along with conditioning work using battle ropes of different sizes. 

Use with a parter to alternate back and forth with rope pull variations like these shown:

  • Low pull
  • Lateral side pull
  • Side pull high to low
  • Side Pull low to high

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The MoveStrong GRT handle is used with a Olympic bar while inserted in a Ground Rotational Trainer (GRT a.k.a Landmine). The GRT is an available option on MoveStrong FTS models, Squat Stands, and wall mount stations. The GRT and GRT Handle are great tools for total body and core emphasis exercises to develop functional strength and accommodate all users and ability levels.

This video shows the efficiency when transitioning from ground to over head in one fluid movement. The rotating handles allow for comfort and smooth continuous movement as the user lifts, cleans, squats, and then presses overhead. An awesome total body strength and conditioning movement to engage the entire body.

Learn more about the GRT handle at

Partner workout with Rope Ladder pulls

Here are some battle rope pull variations in a partner workout using the MoveStrong Wall Mounted Rope Ladder and a 50' training rope.

Rope pull variations performed back-to-back alternating with a workout partner without rest until circuit is complete. Adjust tension on rope by amount of rungs used on ladder and/or partner applying tension to rope.
- Forwards pulls high
- Forward pull low
- Side pulls across body High-to-Low, both sides
- Side pull across body Low-to-High, both sides
- Over head pull
- Between legs pull

Many of the MoveStrong NOVA FTS training features can be mounted directly onto a wall for space efficient unique functional fitness equipment offerings in gyms, homes, and studios.