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Horizontal rope climb exercises

What a fun great way to build usable bodyweight strength, stability, and balance by practicing various climbs and pulls on a horizontal suspended rope. With a lot of upper body strength, the lower body does come into play to balance and stabilize yourself while scaling across the rope. Mimic obstacle course challenges by scaling above or below the ropes. Adds new dimension to pull-ups, hangs, and holds with the grip strength and skills needed to stabilize the rope while performing an exercise. Give the exercises a try with the horizontal climbing rope:

  • Horizontal climb under rope with feet
  • Hand over hand climb without feet
  • Horizontal climb on top of rope
  • Under rope lateral climb with hands
  • Under rope lateral climb with legs and hands
  • Pull-ups
  • Muscle-ups
  • Hanging holds


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Partner workout with Rope Ladder pulls

Here are some battle rope pull variations in a partner workout using the MoveStrong Wall Mounted Rope Ladder and a 50' training rope.

Rope pull variations performed back-to-back alternating with a workout partner without rest until circuit is complete. Adjust tension on rope by amount of rungs used on ladder and/or partner applying tension to rope.
- Forwards pulls high
- Forward pull low
- Side pulls across body High-to-Low, both sides
- Side pull across body Low-to-High, both sides
- Over head pull
- Between legs pull

Many of the MoveStrong NOVA FTS training features can be mounted directly onto a wall for space efficient unique functional fitness equipment offerings in gyms, homes, and studios.