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Lunge and Squat Variations using the Ground Rotational Trainer and GRT Handle

MoveStrong's special design GRT Handle is secured on the end of an Olympic Barbell with the other end inserted into a Ground Rotational Trainer, also know as a landmine. The GRT Handles rotate and allows for ease of transition from ground to overhead. It also allows hands in a neutral grip position to hold and press during the lunge and squat variation exercises as shown in this video.

  • Reverse Lunge
  • Reverse Lunge to Press
  • Squat
  • Squat to Press
Single Leg Squat with rear foot elevated

A great unilateral variation of the squat. Great for developing leg strength and power without the load on your back as in a traditional squat. Holding weight at your sides makes it easier and safer to maintain an erect torso as you single leg squat to a comfortable depth before returning to the top position. Performing with the Movestrong DSL bar helps stabilize the weight at your sides to maintain balance on a single leg. The open back design of the DSL bar makes it ideal for single leg squatting and lunging to balance a heavier load, if desired, than typically used with dumbbells or a barbell on your shoulders. 

Drew at Gametime Sports Uses Bands to Correct Squatting Form

Drew Massey, Strength and Conditioning coach at Gametime Sports & Training, demonstrates a method for correcting squatting form using the MoveStrong Club FTS and bands. To maintain an upright position and eliminate knees tracking forward and curvature in the spine, Drew suggests using a band that will slightly pull the body forward creating a natural response to sit back on the heels. This will result in better power position creating more power with a vertical torso and knees in line with the toes. Proper form results in more effective lifts and reduces the possibility of injury.