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9 Functional Strength Exercises With Loadable MaceBell

This is just a few functional strength exercises using the MoveStrong SledgeBell. Nine exercises to challenge your stability, mobility, and core strength as you lunge, squat, swing, and rotate your way through the movements.👌

The MoveStrong SledgeBell is made in the USA, patterned after the old-time strength training tool the MaceBell, and is fillable and can be loaded with steel shot to get the desired weight. This 8” diameter SledgeBell shown has about 20lbs of steel shot. And 4’ in length makes for a challenging offset load with a handle length to vary grips to adjust leverage on the bell and perform even more exercises.

9 movements shown:

•Bottoms-up lunge

•Bottoms-up Squat w/press out

•Barbarian Squat

•Dynamic Curls

•10 to 2s

•Tricep press




Watch to the end for an out-take!😂 Don’t forget to choke-up on the handle as needed to offset the weight!🤣😁

SledgeBell Functional Strength Circuit Garage Workout

The SledgeBell is a multi-use unbalanced training tool for increased core strength, stability, and functional training. Here are a few exercises that can be performed in a strength circuit workout. Bicep Curl side lunge, Shoveling lunge, Strikes, and Jack press.

The SledgeBell comes in two sizes and is fillable to desired weight using steel shot.

Learn more about MoveStrong SledgeBell here