Ole Miss FitGround Launch With Staff Training And Workouts

The University Of Mississippi - Ole Miss staff, students, and local Fire Dept. turned out for the MoveStrong In-service training and workouts to help launch the new dedicated outdoor functional fitness area on campus!

A review of all MoveStrong FitGround pieces and demonstration of exercises, progression, and regressions were covered in order to scale exercises for all fitness levels. Followed by a group workout led by Ole Miss Recreation staff performed to get aquatinted with programing ideas for all MoveStrong products. Ole Miss Rec group training classes to begin soon and open to all students and faculty. See the Ole Miss Rec dept. for more information for open workouts along with scheduled group outdoor training sessions!

MoveStrong FitGround outdoor equipment chosen for Ole Miss include
- 12-post T-Rex FTS with double monkey bar bridge
- Cargo Net and rope climb station
-Over/Under agility post
- A-Wall climber
- Push-up/Invert Row bars
- Elite Parallel Bars
- Stall Bars
- Low parallel bars
- Zig-zag balance beam
- 3-height Plyo steps

Learn more about designing you our outdoor functional fitness area at www.MoveStrongFit.com/fitground

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