Youth Wrestling Academy Makes MoveStrong Intregal Part Of Training

Delchev Wrestling Academy in Wendell, ID is a world class athletic training academy for youth wrestling. They have produced many All-Americans, National Champions, and World Team members from their coaching and training programs for wrestlers. 

Coach Delchev implements MoveStrong Functional Fitness equipment and training into his strength and conditioning for athletes.  MoveStrong provided the tools needed to develop usable strength that carries over to his athletes needs. A custom version of the Nova XL Functional Training Station to accommodate the Team workouts with large groups of athletes. Along with dual Salmon Ladders, Stall Bars, The Revolver Pull-up bar, and many MoveStrong accessories as well like the Elevate Trainers, Centerline Resistance Bands, GRT handles, Grips tools, and more!

See video testimonial below for Coach Delchev and some of the training his athletes do as part of practice and strength training program.