New Dual Sided Wall Mount Salmon Ladder Design Available

The MoveStrong Salmon Ladder has been a staple in offering Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles for gyms and fitness centers looking to implement this new style of exercise that empowers individuals to conquer a new breed of physical fitness obstacles. The newest addition to the NinjaStrong product line is the Dual Salmon Ladder that is wall mounted. MoveStrong offers both free standing, wall mounted Salmon Ladders as well as a feature that can be aded to the Nova FTS model. The Wall mount version helps save some floor space while offering the dual sided ladder with the dual height pull-up bar connectors and rope climb descent. A special counter balance salmon ladder jumping bar is also part of this unique design.

Standard MoveStrong Salmon Ladder is 12’ in height. INQUIRE ABOUT CUSTOM DESIGN HEIGHT OPTIONS


  • MADE IN U.S.A. Built for rugged and sturdiness needed in a commercial setting

  • Wall Mounted for space efficiency

  • Side wall supports are Dual Height Pull-up Bars for bounding pull-ups to practice and build strength for Salmon Ladder technique

  • Lache, swing and jump, across Dual Height Pull-up Bars

  • Each upright post has double CNC wood catch rungs to reduce noise, wear, and add strength for jumping bar

  • Jumping bar special made light but strong steel with stop caps on ends to prevent sideways slide off catches

  • A counter balance safety system is provided with strong parachute cord that attaches to the jumping bar to off-set bar weight with steel chain and prevent bar dropping freely

  • Top center bar for anchoring climbing rope to allow user to descend after reaching top

  • Top wall connector tubes provide additional sturdiness

  • MoveStrong Climbing rope and Safety landing mats available and made to fit specifically for our Salmon Ladder