New Outdoor Functional Fitness Training Features For MoveStrong T-Rex FTS

Improving your outdoor training experience with new additions and updates to the #MoveStrongTrex and functional fitness accessories.πŸ‘

MoveStrong T-Rex Outdoor Functional Training Station some new improved training and exercise features includes:

A new and improved adjustable attachment design for the Dip, Step, and Ab Bench allows for a more efficient adjustment and reduced wearing with the new stainless steel parts. A Patent Pending design for these new adjustable training features makes better use of different user heights and ability levels. The first Outdoor Fitness Equipment of its kind with moveable adjustment exercise stations for the Dip, Ab bench, and Step using stainless steel parts for a durable and long lasting life of the outdoor functional fitness equipment. While these training features are adjustable, they are not removable once installed to help prevent loss or theft of adjustable attachements. These adjustable features help make bodyweight training and calisthenics workouts more accessible for users to perform scalable exercises and fit their height needs.

The Patent Pending design for each Dip, Step, and Ab Bench has the option to be bolted directly to the post in a fixed static position. This special design option gives customers the ability to choose between adjustable attachments or a fixed position. A fixed position may be desired for Parks or other public settings that wants to minimize the need for users to move attcahements.

The New and Improved Adjustable Step attachment can be incorporated into your custom design configuration of the MoveStrong T-Rex. A polyurea surface for a durable and long lasting finish to hold up to users feet, rain, dirt, and mud. Solid and sturdy for Step-up exercises, single leg squats, plyo box exercises like plyo jumps and others. A fixed static height option allows the Step to be bolted in a fix position also if desired.

Improved Adjustable Dip attachment helps users of varying height easily perform scalable bodyweight exercises by moving the dip bars up and down to fit user needs and exercise to be performed. Great for upper body strength exercises like dips, jumping dip, static press holds, and core exercises like leg raises and knee-ups.

The Dip can also be attached in one fixed position if desired or use the Adjustable plates for varying height settings.

The Adjustable Ab Bench offers the new adjustment design. Another optional feature to customize your outdoor Functional Training Station. A contoured arch design allows for lying comfort compared to a flat surface. Foot anchor and a grab bar give options for core exercises like sit-ups, crunches, or lie with head facing post and use grab bar for leg raise, lifts, and curl-up exercise. A polyurea coated surface insulates against heat for lying down on bench and offers a durable coating finish.

More New T-Rex Training Features and Improved Features

Outdoor Battle Ropes can be added to any post for year around outdoor use. Battle Ropes are outdoor rated for all weather conditions are attached to the T-Rex FTS post with our special design clamp that affixes two Battle Ropes to the post yet allowing freedom of movement needed to perform waves and angulating movements freely. The MoveStrong outdoor Battle Ropes do not absorb water or fray easily. The Ropes also have a sleeve cover at the post connection point to reduce wear at point of contact with pivoting clamp. Grip knots on ends to assist user with grip strength needs for extended workout sets. A great tool for all ability levels and even wheelchair friendly accessible with the proper surfacing. The outdoor Battle Rope station provides an excellent way to warm-up the upper body, work conditioning for fat loss, and part of HIIT and Functional Fitness group workouts and class circuits.

New Top Post Extension is ideal for our new outdoor rated heavy bag. Extended outwards away from post giving clearance need for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA style training. Great for HIIT and conditioning group class workouts. The top post extension can be used to anchor other fitness accessories like suspension Elevate Trainer , bands, ropes, or other tools used to anchor in overhead position.

New Designs for our Ergo grip pull-up bar with dual sided use and dual height Ergo-grip handle bars for more comfort in varied grip pull-ups and bodyweight exercises. Wide grip, Mid pronate grip, Close grip, and Under hand grip handle positions and two heights.

Large Kickplate Feature with a new Polyurea coating for Medicine Ball Throws, Bodyweight Exercises, And Climbing Rope Assist and Bounding. A strong and resilient coating finishes to take the abuses from feet and medicine balls. Special design edges of Kickplate also offer grab handles and anchor points for your fitness resistance bands and other accessories.

Now offering two styles of Loop Post for Anchoring fitness accessories and for use in Bodyweight Training. Ideal as a step-up as well to reach pull-up and monkey bars. Use the Vertical Loops Post with ur outdoor Rings for foot placement in performing rows and push ups for more challenging exercises.

Three Optional Height Pull-up bars and Dual Height Monkey Bar mounting options! This means upon installation customer decides between a 7’, 7.5’, or 8’ pull-up bar! And Monkey Bar heights of 7.5’ or 8’. Giving options for user height planned on both pull-up bars and monkey bar horizontal ladder.

Stay tuned for more improvements and training features coming for our outdoor training line in 2019!πŸ‘ Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

MoveStrong T-Rex is MADE IN USAπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! Customizable in size, shape, colors, and training features custom built design for your home, school, fitness gym, military base, company fitness center, park, fire department, or law enforcement academy!

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