Denver Area Parks Add Third Installation For MoveStrong FitGround

This is the third FitGround installation around the Englewood, Denver Tech, and Parker area of metro Denver. The new outdoor fitness amenity adds to the already active and progressive community that enjoy outdoor activites year round. Now park visitors have the ability to exercise and focus on functional fitness, balance, strength, and agility at the new fitness parks featuring MoveStrong Fitness Equipment which is designed specifically for outdoor use and to weather the sometimes harsh conditions in Colorado. The addition of MoveStrong outdoor fitness areas near other amenities such as walking and running paths, bike trails, golf courses, and open fields just complements the areas and has been a focus for the local property management installing near office park tenants for workers and area residents in each community.

A MoveStrong introduction and demonstration for area residents and worker for the new MoveStrong #fitground installed at Meridian Commons Park in Parker, Colorado!

Thank you for coming out and running through some workouts and different stations with us. The possibilities are endless ! 

Our third FitGround location in the greater Denver area, (between Englewood, DTC, and Parker area), these parks are FREE to use for the public . This location is right next to UC south campus. Come take advantage , bring your workouts outside and PLAY to get fit!

Tag us and share how you Move Strong! 

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