Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge Upgrades to Outdoor Fitness Amenity for Hotel Guest

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resort giving you the fitness amenities and motivation you need while traveling. 

Next time in Baton Rouge no doubt where our fitness lifestyle friends will wanna book for their accommodations with workout amenities like this! The newly expanded fitness gym features the MoveStrong outdoor workout area just outside the indoor gym tat was also renovated. Artificial turf was installed in nearly 1800sqft with a covered awning to help shade exercisers.

The layout and design was created with hotel management to offer the best in functional fitness and traditional exercises with a combination of MoveStrong dedicated outdoor product like the T-Rex FTS as well as customized Elite Storage solutions, Elite Squat Stands, and Free-weights, dumbbells, Olympic bars, and kettlebells custom coated for outdoor use and exposure to withstand the weather elements.

Very grateful MoveStrong could be a part of this amazing outdoor functional fitness area for Crowneplaza Baton Rouge! 🙏 Can’t wait to visit beautiful Baton Rouge and stay fit while traveling and on the road!
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Crowne Plaza in Baton Rouge unveils new outdoor fitness center

By Rachael Thomas | August 20, 2019 at 6:04 PM CDT - Updated August 20 at 6:04 PM

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge has unveiled its recently renovated indoor gym and the addition of an outdoor fitness center.

…“With so many people on the road each week for business, it has become increasingly important for hotels to provide quality fitness options, especially for their frequent guests. For many years, we have offered a solid experience for our health-conscious travelers with exceptional weight training and cardio equipment. With this renovation we have raised the bar, giving even the most intense athlete what he or she needs to maintain virtually any workout routine,” said Scott Michelet, general manager of Crowne Plaza.

The hotel says the renovations at its gym is part of a year-long transformation of the inside of the hotel.

“At the Crowne Plaza Baton Rouge, we are committed to providing the finest accommodations available in the market,” Michelet said.

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