High School Gym Gets Upgrade To Functional Training Area

Harding Academy Nashville, TN making the most of floor space in this middle and high school gym by redesigning weight room for students and athletes.

When the Athletic Director contacted MoveStrong to discuss functional fitness and strength training needs it was apparent after visiting we had little space to work with for the type training desired and all the students/athletes using the room. The solutions was the 20’ NovaWallFTS with pull-up bars, staggered height monkey bars, globe grip pull-ups, Adjustable dip, Battle rope anchors, G-loop band anchors,and with Stall Bars, Rope Ladders, and accessory 
storage under the bridge.

An additional MoveStrong WallFTS was added to an adjacent wall for suspension training, different pull-up bar options, band and rope anchors, and Ground Rotational Trainers for Olympic Bars. Wall mount Storage trays were used to connect the two Wall mount Functional Training Stations together.

Thanks Harding Academy for Moving Strong with us!👊💪🙏😁