Get Fight Fit with new franchise fitness program utilizing MoveStrong

A new functional fitness strength and conditioning programmed inspired by the physical needs to be fight ready! A fitness club designed around style of exercise influenced by the physical demands needed for combat, MMA, boxing, and Kickboxing. The new HIIT15 franchise brand has chosen MoveStrong Functional Fitness equipment for outfitting their showcase facility and as a recommended supplier to franchisees.  The MoveStrong Nova FTS has been customized with training features, logos, and colors to match the training specific needs and brand identify of HIIT15. Also incorporating many MoveStrong training tools into their programing with DynaBells, Elevate Trainers, Rhino Bags, Boulder Bags, M3 Bars, and grip strength tools

What makes HiiT15 unique?

Martial Arts themed workout rounds make your workout fun and exciting. High Intensity Interval Training in 15 high intensity rounds (HiiT15) with interspersed rest periods produces optimum results of training and conditioning.

Hitt15 works great even if (and particularly if) you haven't exercised in years.

Hiit15 means total body movement. Everything exercises.

There will always be a challenging next level. Never see the same workout twice!

BURN MORE CALORIES IN LESS TIME. By going full out in short intervals, your body burns more calories than regular cardio training. Don’t even think about reading or texting during this workout!

FULL BODY WORKOUT. Shape and tone using your muscles together. Total body training builds functional strength, balance, endurance, and stamina.

BURNS CALORIES ALL DAY. HiiT15 training raises your metabolic rate, a benefit which continues hours after the workout is done.

AVOIDING MUSCLE ADAPTATION. If you do the same workout repeatedly, muscles will adapt. Hiit15’s circuit changes every week. This recruits new muscle constantly, avoiding fitness plateaus.

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