Custom MoveStrong FTS for State of the Art Strength Training And Bodybuilding Gym

Arsenal Strength Training Facility, Knoxville, TN, just opened its doors to the public. An upscale facility for serious strength training, bodybuilding, and results! Movestrong was selected customize the Super Nova FTS system with 4 squat racks along with many functional fitness features. A great combination of traditional and functional exercises to be performed in one dedicated area. For personal training, individual workouts, and group training classes. Also featuring a dedicated sprinting agility are for more conditioning workouts with artificial turf.

MoveStrong is to conduct In-Service workshop for staff at Arsenal Strength Training Facility this month to ensure staff and members are getting the most for MoveStrong products and style of training.

The MoveStrong Super Nova FTS was chosen and customized with 4 Squat Rack stations, Kickplate with medicine ball targets and storage, 2 adjustable Dips bars, Sliding Pull-up, custom colors and more! 

More about the facility...

"Arsenal Strength Training Facility is a training facility. A gym. A place to train. A place to work out. This place will be a home to many, a refuge for some and life changing for every single person who walks through those doors. Knoxville, you haven’t seen anything like this before.

We are as passionate about providing you the BEST facility to train in as you are about training. YEARS have gone into the planning and designing of this training facility. Not one detail was overlooked or hurried. We are building this from the ground up so that every aspect of the building is perfection. Every piece of equipment, every square foot of turf and each color on the wall was handpicked to create the best atmosphere for you to train in.

The quality of our equipment is unmatched by any other. The equipment provided by Arsenal Strength is sold all around the world. Everyone speaks highly of the quality, thoughtfulness to design and the overall look and feel. The quality of our trainers and staff will be amazing as well. We are here to serve you, our customer, our member, our family.

We are dedicated to our members and facility. We will continue to provide you the support and equipment you need to get better. We want you to be in this facility day in and day out. We want to see you get better, stronger and faster." -