MoveStrong Staircase Ramp for Functional Training and Obstacle Course

A pillar in functional fitness and locomotion training is movement with one foot in front of the other. The long awaited MoveStrong Functional Training Staircase and Ramp Obstacle is now available to focus on just that with the added resistance of locomotion in an UPWARD incline movement!

Choose between a full set training staircase or ramp designed to incorporate many functional and obstacle course style movements and workouts, that can not be duplicated on any machine and/or training station, for an ultimate fitness and obstacle challenge! Choose to customize for an all-in-one functional training station (FTS) with added features under the staircase that will allow locomotion training with all the best features of old and new in calisthenics, military style, bootcamp, functional fitness, Ninja Warrior, and OCR (Obstacle Course Race) training!



  • Patent Pending Design

  • Heavy Duty built for Commercial Use

  • Indoor use or built for Outdoors use with special weather preparation

  • Two Staircase designs to choose from with Straight or U-shape design

  • Customize with training features under staircase like Dual Height Pull-up Bars, Battle Rope Anchors, GRTs (ground rotational trainers), Rope climb, Adjustable Dip, Step, and more

  • Choose between Staircase and Ramp sides

  • Integrated Grab Ropes on the Ramp side

  • Custom color options available

  • More options to add and new ones to come!

Design and layout.

Don’t settling for a cookie cutter approach to your fitness gym and OC layouts. Let us help create something unique for your space and training needs! Here are just a couple ideas of how we like to incorporate the MoveStrong Functional Training Staircase in gym layouts and obstacle course set-up.

Staircase workouts

Stair workouts are nothing new. Reminders of football or high school bleacher run workouts for grueling strength and condoning may first come to mind. But why did we stop!? Maybe access to these areas or ability to incorporate more of a complete workout with those stadium runs? Well it’s time to bring that back by adding a MoveStrong Functional Training Staircase to your gym or obstacle course design area! Schools, Fitness & Health Clubs, Parks, Military, Police, Fire, Athletic Centers, and more will find this all-in-one staircase based functional training station lends real-life strength movement based exercises that carry over to all of life, sport, and fitness demands for the many physical tasks faced daily!

All ages and abilities can take part and go at their own pace to perform lower risk of injury strength & conditioning with such a great way to develop and maintaining functional fitness for everyday activities. Or choose to scale it up and push the envelope for speed, athletic, and sports performance by adding speed up and down, weighted vest, sand bag carries, run/lunge/jump-ups, crawls, rope pulls, and more to turn-up the intensity! Explode off of each stair, burst up the ramp, and work on power development training to increase your legs’ efficiency and strength to cover more ground faster and develop explosive speed.

In addition to great cardio workouts while targeting legs, hips, core, and glutes, you now can incorporate functional strength exercises under the stairs as well. Several options to add accessories and attachments to the Staircase pillars for more bodyweight and functional training to incorporate with your staircase and ramp workouts making it the perfect interval and HIIT training station!

Add a new element to your Obstacle Course challenge and strength workouts, HIIT, bootcamps, personal training, and group fitness classes. Leg burning heart pound conditioning that will shred fat for any person, improve stamina and endurance for first responder, and improve athlete’s conditioning, the MoveStrong Functional Staircase has something for everyone!

Here are a sample of exercises:

Stair exercises

  • Fast Steps Up

  • Double Steps Up

  • Lunge up

  • Side steps up

  • Jump up steps

  • Crawl ups

Ramp exercises

  • Walk-up one rope

  • Walk-up to ropes

  • Run up ramp

  • Crawl up ramp

  • Rope pulls up ramp

  • Medicine ball throws up ramp

Under Stair exercises (based on customization)

  • Dips and leg raises

  • Step-up and plyo jumps

  • Pull-ups

  • Alternate Climb-up on Dual height pull-up bar

  • Rope climb

  • Push-up bar

  • Inverted row bar

  • Elevate Suspension Training

  • Heavy bag for boxing/kickboxing

  • Battle Ropes

  • Resistance Bands

  • Devil Steps climb up (underside of stairs)

  • GRT (Ground Rotational Trainer, a.k.a. landmine) for Olympic Bar use

Contact us to discuss your needs for a Functional Training staircase. Customize with training features, shape, and colors desired for either indoor or outdoor fitness use.