New Ergo Grip Pull-up Bar Design For Outdoor Functional Fitness Station

One of a few new improvements for the MoveStrong T-Rex Outdoor Functional Training Station includes the re-design of the Ergo Grip pull-up bar. This multiple grip bar allows for a comfortable grip position for pull-up exercises. Here are a few of the outdoor pull bar exercise options:

  • Standard pronate mid-grip pullup

  • Underhand supinated grip for close grip chin-ups

  • A slightly angled wide pronate ergo grip for pull-ups

  • A narrow close grip for neutral grip pull-ups

The dual sided and dual height Ergo Grip pull-up bar allows for users to easily grab the bar for easier use based on user height and reach. The dual sided grips also provides more mounting options for the Ergo Bar when designing your custom T-Rex FTS configuration.

Design your own custom configuration of the outdoor MoveStrong T-Rex equipment by visiting our BYO program.

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