Racquetball Court Conversion for Fitness Gym Design Layout

As more and more health, sport and fitness clubs recognized the need for additional training space to accommodate the growing demand for functional fitness gym design it is important to make good use of the racquetball court’s small size. MoveStrong equipment is Ideal to convert for a personal or group training studio that is 800sqft.

Whether a court or small space on the floor of an existing fitness center, MoveStrong offers design assistance and custom made functional training equipment to maximize the space and offer unique training features. The MoveStrong Nova Wall FTS is perfect for a wall mounted Functional Training Station. If wall mount is not an option then the patented Nova XL perfectly fits space of the 20’ racquetball court. Add some of our Nova In-Line storage and training options to the Nova XL, or our Elite Storage F4 racks for more functional fitness storage solutions.

No need to settle for off-the-shelve functional fitness equipment when you can design something unique to your brand, space, install options, and training features desired. Contact us today to discuss your gym design and basketball, racquetball, or unused gym floor space for an ultimate MoveStrong Functional Fitness training area!