Floor Obstacles For Movement Skills Development and Training

MoveStrong GEO Floor Obstacles added to the NinjaFit Obstacle Course at GoodLife Fitness.

The GEO Floor Obstacles are a combination of different geometric shapes designed to be configured with connectors for creating endless courses for balance, agility, parkour, ninja warrior, primal movement, physical education, and plyometric training. Get back to the basics of play and movement skills to bound, vault, leap, step, hop, balance, and crawl your way across, up, and over from each obstacle to the next.

Fitness encompasses many aspects of movement. We tend to focus on the strength training and visual appearance associated with exercise benefits. Working on all the fundamental movement skills allows the body to stay in tune with true complete fitness and the ability to function as it is intended. Skills such as balance, agility, power, stability, and sheer athleticism can sometimes be over looked. As we age we tend to loose these skills and it becomes more important to train these different type movement patterns and skills. Balance walking, crawling, jumping, and bounding in different directions allows the body to focus on maintaining and improving fitness levels that encompasses all facets of fitness.

The GEO Floor Obstacles can be used to create basic to advance courses to meet the ability level of the users. Different shaped floor obstacles connected with balance beams and bars allow for countless combinations to challenge users. Ideal for young to aging adults, athletes, Obstacle Course racers, Ninja Warrior training and more!