Elite Storage Solutions Added For Flush Wall Placement

NEW addition to our MoveStrong Elite Storage Systems! With the growing need for more space efficient storage and training solutions as part of gym and fitness studio layout and design, the F4 will meet the needs of many fitness professionals. Already the MoveStrong Elite Storage Solutions offer unique functional fitness accessory storage and with many training options, but now the F4 series allows for the most space effect placement of the racks to sit flush along a wall. Design the perfect studio or group fitness training area in your gym or home with the MoveStrong Elite Storage F4 racks.

The Elite Storage-F4 is now available to customize in size and specific functional training features to meet your needs. Perfect for saving floor space with placement flush along a wall. This fitness storage and training station packs a big punch for its size and offers modular ability to expand as needed! Add training features like multiple grip pull-up bars, resistance band anchors, GRTs (landmines), Suspension trainers, battle ropes, and more!

Key features:

- High quality look and feel MADE IN USA! 

- Customize with different storage trays, training features, accessory anchors, and storage pegs

- Top extended Pull-up bar with dedicated eye-loop anchors for fitness accessories and Elevate Trainers. 

- Choose from five different pull-up bar options

- Bolt-on options to outside uprights and at base. Choose from Olympic bar holder, GRT (ground rotational trainer) with bar storage, Vertical Rope Anchor, Patented G-Loops, Dual Height Globe Grips, 2-height Medicine Ball targets, Plate Storage Horns, Band and Rope Storage Pegs

- Modular design to connect together for multiple bays

- Dual color scheme and custom colors available

Learn more at www.movestrongfit.com/storage-racks

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