The New MANTIS Power Sled unique features for Functional Fitness Strength Training

A few key features for the Patent Pending MoveStrong MANTIS Power Sled.

  • Load plates on and off easier with the angled plate holders

  • Room to sit and back pedal with low grab handles.

  • Special design 30’ Tow Rope for pull exercises

  • Quick rope attachment anchor for rope pulls

  • Special design Pull Straps with handles

  • Use Pull Straps for looping wrist for secure grip

  • Straps use as harness over shoulders

The patent pending design of The MANTIS Power Sled is like all other new MoveStrong products, multi-functional and multi-use, for functional training, strength & conditioning, sports performance, and general fitness use in mind.

Taking into consideration many limiting factors in traditional fitness sleds on the market MoveStrong improved both form and function in the new design sure to add more variety in building strength, power, and heart pounding conditioning as you push, pull, back pedal, and zig-zag your way.

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Functional Fitness Training and Strength & Conditioning has included Sled work as a staple for building muscular endurance and power. Burn body fat as part of circuit workouts or used as a finisher. Great for those HIIT workouts with groups and teams. The Mantis Sled gives more training options to expand your fitness Sled workouts and provide another great tool for fitness professionals, coaches, and trainers to get the most out of their training sessions.