Obstacle Course Fitness Equipment For Strength and Agility

MoveStrong's dedicated outdoor functional fitness equipment offers products specific for obstacle course style of training. The FitGround outdoor product line includes the A-Wall obstacle which is a 9 foot tall A-shaped fram for performing various climbs and scaling up and down, and over the obstacle with or without the assistance of the grab rope attachment. 

Perform exercises often seen in military, parkour, calisthenics, police and fire, and obstacle course race training. Scaleable exercises for different fitness levels using the grab rope atcahements.

The large steel A-spaped frame has a slight textured high-density polyethylene board for the surface to provide some grip for climbing yet super durable to take repeated abuse for hands and feet while climbing. A grab rope attachment is offered on each side to allow users to assist themselves in the accessed or decent off the wall.