Nova XL Bridge Modular Extended Bridge

A new configuration of the Nova XL Functional Training Station was crated to span nearly 60'. Fitness Elite in Wendell, ID needed a space efficient yet large enough for team training for adults and youth sports. Leaving the main floor open for thier youth sports and wrestling program, Fitness Elite needed something along the wall that provided the tools needed for their various training needs for young and adults. Two Nova XL arch bridges where placed short side back-to-back and connected with a 10' horizontal monkey bar bridge. With 4-Tiered Climber bars attached at each end of bridges, the entire spanned almost 60' with only a width of just over 8' keeping the Nova XL along side of a wall without much interference of main athletics floor. Wrestling mats make up the majority of the open floor space giving all functional fitness team training down along the wall on the Nova XLs, Stall Bar wall, and Salmon Ladders mounted to the adjacent wall.