Unstable Bridge as Part of New NinjaStrong Features

The MoveStrong Nova XL is perfect for adding our new NinjaStrong features for more challenging exercises options to mimic those seen on American Ninja Warrior. The newest feature available to add is the Unstable Bridge! This is another super challenging obstacle that will put your upperbody, forearm and grip strength to the test! While hanging move your hands together as you scale your way across the wood bridges and hop for one bridge to the next! 

The MoveStrong Unstable Bridge is custom made to fit the ideal length of the Nova XL arch monkey bar bridge. Designed to allow for ease of attachment under the monkey bars and remove when needed to allow use of monkey bars. Three hanging positions for the Unstable Bridge boards allow for an increase or decrease in the stability of the boards to vary the challenge. The closer to the center the chains connect to the board, the harder the challenge!

Other popular Ninja Warrior Training options for the Nova FTS models include Salmon Ladder, The Revolver Pull-up Bar, Cannonball Alley, Rings Toss, and more! Learn more on our NinjaStrong page.