Nova-8 FTS Now Available In The Build Your Own Program Online

NEW online Build Your Own program now available for the MoveStrong Nova-8 Functional Training Station! The eight sided octagon shaped FTS gives even more variety in size, shape, and options! Add-on extended monkey bar bridges our create a SUPER Nova-8 by connecting multiple units with a monkey bar bridge! Use our website's 3D animated program to choose the Nova FTS model and configure with training options and colors customized to your specific needs. Build your dream functional training station for your gym, home, school, military, or park that fits the size space with the fitness training features desired and view it in real time three dimensionally. Screen save final image and print out your build. Submit your BYO to MoveStrong for a custom quote. MoveStrong offers more models and options for Indoor and Outdoor Functional Training Stations than any other manufacture! Why settle for cookie-cutter approach when you can design specific to your facilities and target customer training needs. MADE IN USA! Learn more and try the MoveStrong BYO program at