NEW PRODUCT! MoveStrong FitGround A-Wall Climber

With the growing need for more outdoor functional fitness stations to complement the already expanding line of MoveStrong FitGround products, the A-Wall Climber was just released! This is a compliment to the obstacle course methodology of building true strength in climbing up and over a wall or fence obstacle. Designed with the A-shape frame to provide some scalability in effort to make it to the top and down in a safe manner. The center grab rope makes it even better for those that need to improve grip and upper body strength to allow scaling up and down the wall. The HDPE anti-skid surface plates help to provide better footing as you scale the 9' height.

Enjoy this challenging new FitGround product as part of individual workouts or a true obstacle course style training built for year-round outdoor use. It is a great compliment to our Cargo Net and Rope Climb Station for building an obstacle course orientated training area. Made in the U.S.A. for outdoor functional fitness and obstacle course fun! 

Contact us today to start planning a MoveStrong FitGround to fit your outdoor space and training needs!