MoveStrong Elite Storage Rack modular design

MoveStrong recently debuted a new configuration of our Elite Storage Rack System at the 3-Day Functional Training Summit in Chicago,IL this past June. This modular system based on a design for a storage solutions to accommodate all functional fitness accessories while still offering training feature options built into the rack. Making this an ideal storage based system that occupies less floor space and organizes all your training tools for personal and group functional fitness workouts. It is free-standing to easily access both sides or can be pushed up against a wall for minimal floor space needs. Corner connecting pull-up bars also available to occupy corner wall space.

The images below show the MoveStrong double Elite Storage rack with 3 dual height connecting pull-up bar stations. This modular set-up provides more space for bodyweight exercise, suspension training, resistance band, and battle rope anchors. The MoveStrong patent G-Loop can be added as well for quick attachment and release of fitness bars and accessories. You may also choose Olympic plate storage horns for racking plates.

Contact us to help determine the best solution for your fitness storage and training needs.