Physical Therapy Clinic Utilizing MoveStrong For All Patient Ability Fitness Needs

Grateful we could assist Aegis Therapies with the new location in the Atlanta area!🙏 Upon planning and design for the Physical Therapy clinic a multi-purpose functional training station was needed to work in a small space with all client types and ability levels. The MoveStrong Nova-4 FTS was chosen and customized with training features needed most by therapist like Stall Bars, Rope pulls, adjustable step, G-Loop resistance band anchors, and multiple anchor points for other fitness accessories. Also MoveStrong training tools like the Elevate Trainer and Centerline Resistance Bands are used at different positions for multiple therapy exercises for the patients.

The MoveStrong Adjustable Parallel Bars were also added and offer and important tool for balance and strengthening movements with clients.

Glad we could help patients of Aegis to Move Strong and keep improving quality life!🙌💪