Gym Obstacle Course Workouts and Training MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment

Here is a run through of exercises put togther as one challenging obstacle course workout to target all facets of fitness! Functional strength, speed, power, agility, balance, and endurance all come into play! Exactly, "PLAY", is what we are after to get strong and fit the Move Strong way!

Take the #MoveStrongOC challenge and put your course together to start taxing the body in a manner that it was intended by moving in all directions to overcome these type physical challenges!

Thanks @Sterling Park District for utlizing your newely dedicated MoveStrong Functional Training area to create Obstacle Course style workouts to keep your members challenged to reach new levels of fitness!

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Westwood Fitness at Sterling Parks utilizes their MoveStrong Functional Training room to set-up Obstacle Course style challenge workouts for its members. Keep workouts every changing and fresh by implementing a style of physical fitness that challenges all aspects of being fit! Blend the best of Ninja Warrior, Obstacle Course, Functional Fitness, Performance, and Movement skills training in one course!