Physical Therapy Clinics Adds MoveStrong Functional Fitness For Patients and Athletes

Grateful to help Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy expand their clinic with the addition of a new functional training space! Now patients can graduate from therapy and continue their fitness training regimen under the guidance of the OSPT staff. πŸ‘

OSPT also offers memberships, personal training, and team workouts for area residents and athletes in this newly designated space next to the clinical area! A great place to meet the needs for all fitness, recovery, therapy, and wellness under one roof in the Cape Code area! Be sure to stop in and check them out!

MoveStrong was able to work closely with ownership to design a space efficient Functional Training Station that met the needs for available space, therapy and training modalities, and accessory storage solutions all-in-one custom made #NovaFTS model. The Nova In-Line model was chosen for placement flush along a wall , while only anchored to the floor, and customized with storage trays, Stall Bars, Horizontal Monkey Bar bridge, Battle Rope anchors, Suspension anchors, Resistance Band G-Loops, and Kickplate for medicine ball work and storage. The over head bridge accommodates bodyweight exercises like varied grip pull-ups, monkey bars, suspension exercises with the Elevate Trainer, and more. Customized with clinic colors.

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Physical Therapist are health care professional realize the link from therapy to graduating patients to a proper fitness routine. This allows patience to continue under the guidance of their therapist while exercising at the clinic once therapy sessions have been completed. That’s why more and more Clinics are offering fitness amenities and space for their patients to continue working on functional fitness and strength with personal trainers at the clinics. MoveStrong functional fitness equipment lends to the importance of developing true useable strength with its custom built products that can designed and utlized for all ability levels.

Contact us to discuss clinic fitness design and equipment needs to integrate more functional fitness programs into your clinic in order to graduate patients into more supervised functional fitness training.