Dance and Fitness Studio Singapore Launches MoveStrong Training

MOVING STRONG IN SINGAPORE! We are very proud and thankful to be a part of the newest Dancevault Studios location!🙌🙏 And Super excited to help our customer launch MoveStrong Functional Fitness and Ninja Training in Singapore!👍👊💪😀

MoveStrong worked closely with Dancevault to design a custom Functional Training Station that fit the needs for their newest studio in order to maximize space and offer the desired training programs. Space efficiency, variety in training features, and matching decor for the studio were some important elements in considering the design needed. The Nova XL along with In-Line features were chosen and customized with the latest NinjaStrong training features! MoveStrong Salmon Ladder, Cliff Hanger, Hanging Globes, Ring Toss, Various Rope Climbs, and Arch monkey bars make up some go the NinjaStrong training features. Functional fitness elements added for Elevate Training, Centerline Resistance Bands, Calisthenics, Olympic bars, DynaBells, Battle Ropes, and accessory storage are all part of the custom Nova XL FTS. Finished off with Peg Boards and some GEO Floor Obstacles for balance and agility training made for a complete training studio to accommodate the latest in functional, ninja, calisthenics, and obstacle course style workouts!👌

"DANCEVAULT is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance and exercise classes to the East Coast precincts in Singapore. We nurture a close knit and friendly dance-fitness community by providing a condusive environment for exercise and learning new dance skills, while spending productive time with your family, colleagues, friends and new found friends at the studio. "