Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior Training With MoveStrong

MoveStrong manufactures custom functional training equipment to accommodate the rise in popularity of Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior Training. A style of exercising that puts physical abilities, athletics skills, muscular endurance, agility, balance, and strength to the test by training to overcome these challenging obstacles while scaled for different fitness levels. Work with a team or friend to motivate and encourage each other as you make your way through the course or work on individual obstacles to practice skills. Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior Training brings people together to overcome common goals by conquering obstacles and helps to build confidence in strength and physical abilities to complete the courses! MoveStrong Obstacle Course and NinjaStrong equipment product line can be used to create an indoor and outdoor dedicate training space geared towards all ages and ability levels. Shown in this promotional clip at GoodLife Fitness, Canada's largest gym chain, are the MoveStrong Dual XL Arch Bridge with NinjaStrong features, Triple Warped Wall, Dual Salmon Ladders, GEO Floor obstacles, Quintuple Steps, Cargo Net, DyneBells, parallel bars, and more! Learn more about MoveStrong Functional Fitness Equipment at www.movestrongfit.com