Canada's Largest Gym Chain Launches MoveStrong Training Room

Beyond words how excited we are to help launch MoveStrong at GoodLife Fitness in Red Deer Alberta Canada!

MoveStrong worked closely with management staff to design and layout the best options for space and customized equipment to fit the training needs for its members. To offer an exciting new way for engage in ninja warrior, obstacle course, functional, and bodyweight style of exercise as part of individual or group workout sessions with staff.

The MoveStrong NovaXL was customized with dual arch and horizontal bridges to provide many overhead obstacle changes and anchor points for continued challenges. With #TheRevolverPullupBar and Cliff Hanger, Cannon Ball Alley, Unstable bridge, and more!

Other new NinjaStrong training options include the Triple #MoveStrongWarpedWall #GEOfloorObstacles and two #MoveStrongSalmonLadders 

Big thanks to GoodLife Fitness for Moving Strong with us! Contact the Red Deer location to find out more about the Opening Date and demonstrations being held Oct 15th 2018!!! And let the fun begin!!!!

Goodlife Ninja Warrior Equipment Move Strong Render layout design - 8.png

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An early look before the launch of the newly dedicated Obstacle Course and Ninja Warrior training room at the GoodLife Fitness Red Deer, Alberta location. MoveStrong created a layout with custom design, built, and installed MoveStrong equipment to outfit the new space and provide a variety of challenges.

Members will engage in individual workouts, personal training, and group workouts with staff to take part in functional fitness, calisthenics, physical challenges, OCR training, and Ninja Warrior style exercises.

MoveStrong conducted an on-site training to help introduce GoodLife Fitness staff to the newly dedicated NinjaFit and Obstacle Course Training room at Red Deer! An introduction to MoveStrong philosophy on functional fitness exercise and hands-on demonstration to prepare staff for launch the NinjaFit and Obstacle Course Training Room at the Red Deer location!

Learn and take part in hands-on training:

• Introduction to bodyweight exercise, NinjaStrong,
and Obstacle Course training utilizing MoveStrong
• Importance of functional fitness diversity in exercise
as applied to all ages
• Exercise technique and creative ideas to build usable
functional strength, balance, agility, and power to safely
perform exercises and conquer obstcales
• Utilizing MoveStrong products, how to regress and
progress exercises for all users
• MoveStrong accessory training tools and other
equipment to incorporate in workouts
• Programming ideas for group and personal training
• Launching MoveStrong products and training to others
• MoveStrong resources for continued learning 
MoveStrong Equipment to be reviewed includes:
Nova XL Functional Training Station with many MoveStrong functional training tools for NinjaStrong and Obstacle Course Training! 

NEW Triple Warp Wall
MoveStrong #Dynabell
Parallel Bars
Stall Bars
M3 Bars
GEO Floor Obstacles 
Salmon Ladders
Elevate Trainers
and more!

Amazing day working with GoodLife Fitness staff of Red Deer Alberta! Learning new ways to Move Strong and have fun while getting fit with a style of functional fitness that focuses on movement skills to run, jump, climb, and conquer obstacles scaled to all ability levels!

The NinjaFit Obstacle Course Training Room opens next Monday for members to take part in demos with staff and get familiar with all the equipment and challenges available to test your skills! Rise Up and Conquer!

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