Maritime School Makes Campus Addition with MoveStrong FitGround

Martime School installs MoveStrong FitGround to help ensure students and staff are making the most of their fitness regimen for the physical demands of working the sea!

The outdoor MoveStrong FitGround consist of the T-Rex FTS, Elite Parallel Bars, Cargo Net with Climbing Ropes, push-up/invert row bars, and Stall Bars. #MoveStrong #FitGround #OutdorFitness

"MoveStrong’s outdoor adult fitness equipment has been an exciting and innovative addition to our campus and Wellness Program. It is a very functional alternative to indoor exercise. The equipment itself is a work of art that everyone seems to enjoy. On behalf of the Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship, we would like to thank MoveStrong and its team for providing us a new, awesome way to build strong and healthy Mariners!!" 

- Brittany B.
Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School

Paul Hall Center - School Overview:

Paul Hall Center Founded in 1967, the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education offers the most U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses of any maritime school in the nation.

Based in Piney Point, Md., the school is a hub of STCW training, featuring unsurpassed educational facilities and peaceful surroundings that facilitate learning. Among the school's most beneficial training tools are the bridge and engine simulators, the Joseph Sacco Fire Fighting and Safety School (located on a nearby satellite campus) and the culinary lab.