Youth Fitness With Ninja Warrior Style Training on the MoveStrong Nova XL

MoveStrong Functional Training Stations can be used for all ages, sizes, and ability levels. This video shows the versatility in using the MoveStrong Nova XL Arch Bridge for youth bodyweight training similar to what is seen in obstacle course challenges, climbing sports, ninja warrior training, and just plain having fun to get fit with calisthenics using only bodyweight for resistance.

Fitness can be boring especially when trying to motivate youth to get and stay active. What better way than to mimic some recent popular TV shows and physical challenges seen in the media lately. Spartan races, Tough mudders, Battle Frog, American Ninja Warrior, and other reality shows have given inspiration to both young and old to take on these challenges to build physical fitness and strength in a non-taditional approach to fitness as compared to gym machines. Playing to get fit by using bodyweight to climb, jump, swing, push, pull, and balance in a fun and entertaining manner!

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