Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Studio Small On Size Chooses Custom MoveStrong FTS

When MoveStrong was contacted by this health and fitness professional on their new clinic and performance based studio, we knew a custom configuration would be needed. The size space was challenging to meet the needs for all the functional fitness training features desired for patients, clients, and athletes. The MoveStrong Super Nova-4 FTS model was selected with a custom extension horizontal bridge for staggered height monkey bar climbs, suspension training, heavy bags, dips, squat rack, steps, medicine ball throws, stall bars, battle ropes, and fitness accessory storage all in one system. The shape of the MoveStrong Functional Training Station was configured based on the studio space and fit perfectly for thier needs. Here is what feedback we received from this veteran fitness and performance specialist...

“When I first saw the Nova FTS at a conference, I knew we had found the perfect solution for our movement-based training philosophy at Motus Performance. Jared and the Movestrong team were able to provide a custom solution to get the most out of our small space.  There is no end to the exercise creativity and fun for our clients. The quality of the Movestrong equipment is the best in the industry and we look forward to using MoveStrong again in our future expansion!”

Chip Coleman
Motus Performance - Owner- Tucson, AZ