Company employee gym looks to MoveStrong for functional fitness needs

Sweetwater Sound Inc. is the country's most respected dealer in high-technology equipment for musicians, recording studios, and broadcasters. With over 850 employees, corporate wellness is an important aspect for maintaining healthy and productive employees.

Sweetwater has an impressive corporate fitness center yet was missing a functional training component that allowed their employees to engage in a diffrent style of exercise to develop functional strength. After working with MoveStrong on specifics needed to meet their space available for more equipment, the MoveStrong FTS Studio model was chosen. Offering a dedicated functional training station for exercising with bodyweight, olympic bar lifts, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension training, battle ropes, and more. The Elevate Trainer was also chosen as an accessory added to the Studio FTS to increase the functional fitness and bodyweight training options for this space efficient all-in one station.

Corporate gym studio fitness training

The MoveStrong FTS Studio model offers a multitude of functional fitness training options in one space efficient all-in-one product.