B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness MoveStrong Testimonial

"I purchased my MoveStrong functional fitness equipment in November for my small group training program. My studio is small and MoveStrong provided me with a solution that allowed for me to purchase less equipment and maximize my space. I am now able to create limitless workout modules using my MoveStrong Pull-up Bracket System, Stall Bars, DynaBells, and M3 Bars

The quality and multi-functionality of the equipment make it easy to transport and is a perfect addition to my workouts. My clients love to see me unloading the equipment because they know that we are taking our work out to the next level. 

I cannot be more pleased with the equipment and the result it is producing in my clientele. They are pushing themselves past self imposed limits. All my female clients are doing assisted pull-ups, handstand push-ups and several other things they believed they would NEVER be able to accomplish. They have set goals of being able to do those things unassisted and with the help of MoveStrong some of them have already met those goals. 

I look forward to continuing to grow my business with MoveStrong!"
Tonya Martin, Owner, B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness in Chattanooga, TN