MoveStrong Spiral Grips (Pair) - Black

MoveStrong Spiral Grips (Pair) - Black


Singles attach effortlessly to exercise equipment to allow for comfortable, neutral grip exercises.

  • Durable US Made EPDM rubber grip

  • Premium US Made Double Braided Minimal Stretch Polyester Rope

  • Attach them to suspension trainers, pull-up bars, cable pull machines, resistance bands, and many other 

  • Rated for 150 lbs/grip 


Wrap the Spiral Strength rope loop around the handle or bar and feed the base of the grip through the loop.  Pull tightly and enjoy an instant neutral grip handle! 

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MoveStrong offers various grip tools for improving ones grip strength to progress to more challenging obstacles. Great for Calisthenics, rock climbing, wrestling, mma, obstacle course, and ninja warrior training. This video tutorial gives a progression of the MoveStrong grip tools.