MoveStrong Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Ropes

MoveStrong Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Ropes

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Poly Dacron ropes introduce an extremely soft rope material as well as having excellent moisture and UV resistance characteristics. MoveStrong Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Ropes have an extremely strong and and lightweight polypro core with a soft and durable polyester outside jacket layer similar to the feel of cotton. One of the best gripping synthetic ropes and holds up well to abrasion.

Black Poly Dacron Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Ropes 1.5" Diameter are available in 10', 12', 15' and 20'   Please inquire about custom lengths.

Recommended Additional Options:

  • Rest Grip Knots spaced every 18" from the bottom can be added to provide better grip when ascending & rest areas descending. Rest Grip Knots are only available in white.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Quick Link Attachments

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Continental US shpping only for online orders. Contact us for special needs, lead times, additional info and shipping needs to complete your order.

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