U-Model Functional Training Staircase & Ramp With Squat Racks

The patent pending design of the MoveStrong Functional Training Staircase is also offered as a U-Shape design. All the same options as the original now with less length in space needs for this ultimate stair and ramp training station. Choose between a full set training staircase or with a ramp designed for countless functional and obstacle course style movements and workouts. Create the ultimate fitness programming for groups training, team sports, and obstacle course challenges!

Customize as an all-in-one functional training station (FTS) with added training features under the staircase! Incorporate staircase and locomotion training with all the best features of old and new in calisthenics, military, Fire and Police, bootcamp, Sport Performance, HIIT, functional fitness, Ninja Warrior, and OCR (Obstacle Course Race) training!

New training features under the Staircase include Squat racks for all your traditional barbell lifting needs. The U-shape Staircase gives more space for under bridge training options. Choose to place Squat racks under or facing outwards from Staircase. Other options include:

  • GRTs (a.k.a. Landmines)

  • Battle Rope anchors

  • Medicine Ball targets

  • G-loops resistance band anchors

  • Pull-up bars

  • Incline Monkey Bars

  • Dual height pull-up bars

  • Push-up Bars

  • Adjustable Dip and Step

  • and more to come!

The Functional Staircase is available as in indoor or outdoor training station. The best all-in-one for gyms, sports performance facilities, athletic field, outdoor fitness parks, schools, and obstacle course.

Contact us today to discuss your available space, training needs, and get layout advice for customizing the perfect MoveStrong Functional Training Staircase for your needs!

Some options shown below to custom build and deign a MoveStrong staircase specific to your training needs. Design for Functional Training, strength and conditioning, Tactical training, obstacle course, HIIT classes, Bootcamps, and more.